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  • Use MP3s from these sites to mix songs together

    Music remixes and hot new covers tend to be exploding up everywhere nowadays. Everyone seems to be changing and playing around with music according to their own tastes. One important question needs to be answered.

    Where do these guys get their music from?!

    As you know, mp3 is a very common standard format for songs, though there are a lot more formats to choose from, I find mp3 the easiest to find and store. Having to carry around large bags of records and CD’s are a thing of the past. All you need these days are basically a laptop, a hard drive and a small backpack to hold everything together. There are TONS of sites nowadays which offer free MP3 for download, but right now I’m only going to reveal to you two sites which I personally use.






    Juno Download is part of Juno Records, the world’s largest online dance music store. Based in London, UK, they have been online since March 1996, and since then have built a reputation as the most comprehensive source for new and back catalogue dance music. They now have more than two million tracks available in high quality MP3 and WAV formats.


    Mp3poolonline -



  is an up and coming online music source for the digital DJ. As a registered member, you will be given access to hundreds of new tracks every month. This includes radio versions, dirty versions, instrumentals, accapellas and 8 bar intros.


    Those are just a couple of sites which I like to use. If you are slightly more hardworking just head on over to Google and just type in a search, I’m sure you’ll find hundreds of sites offering similar services. I love MP3′s  because unlike the traditional vinyls and cd’s, they take up WAY less space and are much easier to integrate into your track remix list. A few simple clicks and boom! they are instantly in your laptop ready for your experimentation.

    Stay tuned because the next post I will go over some music remix software which I absolutely cant live without. (Literally, these music remix software help me make money to survive!)

    See ya soon!



  • Remixing Software – It’s easy to learn how to DJ











    How to DJ for beginners

    Being a DJ and mixing is an awesome and exhilarating thing to do, there isn’t anything quite like it. Today there are a ton load of remixing software out there online for anyone to use, so almost anyone can become a DJ. It does take time and practice to fully grasp the basics of pitch, tempo, mixing and BPMs (beats per minute) but if you love music like I do, it gets easier and easier with practice. I quickly realized the most important thing is you must enjoy and love what you’re doing or else it will just be another job. I loved music and just sitting around playing some beats turned into a profession. It was just something I enjoyed so much that I would do just about anything to keep doing it.


    If you are just starting out, take time to discover which style of music you want to play. That is very important. For example, if you love and enjoy Hip/hop and RnB but your playing techno, you wont find it fun after awhile. Just because “DJ A” is playing Techno, Trance, Dirty House or anything doesn’t mean you have too!


    How I started to Remix Songs together

    When I first began my gigs I didn’t know anything at all, but I was lucky enough to find a mentor to guide me. Without his help I don’t think I could have developed my passion for music into an actual paying career. I borrowed his equipment and learned the ropes from scratch. Back then we didn’t have access to all the brand new remixing software available to people now, so mixing music was a lot more complex. I picked up everything from the basics and once I developed my own personal style of music and mixing, I began to branch off to my own gigs and experiment with various music remix software available. It’s easier now than ever to start mixing your own beats and songs.

    Check out what remixing software I use

    But more on this in the next post. Peace out and see you soon!.